The next step in innovation
image HempTonic by Sovereign Fields is our latest Indica dominant hemp strain. The feminized seeds grow into plants which express large swollen nugs stinking of rotten fruit, with some phenotypes having gassy undertones.

HempTonic is our second bumper-crop breakthrough in boutique hemp flower. This amazing new terpene profile is the result of selective breeding between (@humboldt_seeds) elite Cannatonic selection and our special, high-CBD hemp cultivar. This is a fast and vigorous strain with high production value. Long, internodal stacking makes for a very large colas. Plant should see 50% additional growth transitioning from vegetative to flowering cycles. Check your area of lines of latitude to determine planting and harvest dates.
  • Large, resinous buds
  • Disease resistent
  • Great for temperate & dry climates
  • Superior taste
  • 0.2% - 0.3% THC
  • 16% - 18% CBD

A closer look...

HempTonic is an incredibly vigorous plant with great light penetration which produces large, compact, resinous buds. This cultivar does best when the vegitative cycle is started indoors. Plants transition well to a sunny, greenhouse environment or enjoy the dry, arid, full-sun weather of desert or Mediterranean terroirs. HempTonic is resistant to moisture, mold and powerdy mildew. Grower's note: If planting early, staking will be necessary to support the weight of the colas near harvest.