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Sovereign Fields’ genetics are selected for superior yield, vigor, pathogen and pest resistance, cannabinoid profile and flavor-driven terpenes. Company scientists have accentuated plant properties previously unexplored by other breeders. Years of keen observation and meticulous selection have produced our exclusive plant lineage that is rigorously tested to exceed the market’s demand for consistency.



Many lanes,
one goal

At Sovereign Fields we dream big. Just like you. That’s why you’ll find us busy not only perfecting hemp genetics, but also consulting for growers, helping farmers find markets for their commodities, growing biomass for production and creating top-notch consumer products. Though our services are diverse, it’s all for one goal: to make the wonders of hemp available to all.


When our clients are successful, we’re successful. We pride ourselves on individualized consultations of each person’s specific business model and operation. Offering only the ideal seeds for clients’ climates, soils, farm footprints and unique terroir is our goal.

Hemp Derived Consumer Products

Partners choose our gold-standard biomass for transformation into an array of edible, topical and nutritional products. Because we hand-pick our flowers and don’t extract their CBD, vital terpenes remain intact, ensuring maximum holistic effects.

Breeding Elite hemp genetics

We have reimagined a historically revered plant for a new era. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology and rigorous testing set our hemp genetics apart. Originating from a boutique lineage, our flagship strains retain all the essence of their popular parent plants without the THC of cannabis.


Growing Biomass

We farm 40 acres of sun-grown hemp and also cultivate several greenhouse acres. Starting with our premium feminized hemp seed, partner farmers in Southern Oregon and beyond produce high-quality biomass for discerning clients worldwide.

Market Expertise

Farmers ourselves, we understand the challenges our clients face. With over a decade of hemp industry experience and connections, we’re positioned to help farmers find markets for their products.


Trusted by the best…

We have formed a relationship with Sovereign Fields that has put us on a whole new level. Genetics are the most important aspect when it comes to hemp flower, and Sovereign Fields is years ahead of other hemp breeders in the country. The Kush Hemp E1 is the only flower on our menu we deem Connoisseur Grade and has been our best selling flower all year long. Great people to work with, responsive and fair. We couldn’t ask for a better partnership!

Will O.

Founder, Blue Ridge Hemp Co.

My relationship with Soveriegn Fields has been invaluable. Kush Hemp E1 has allowed us to be a standout in the flower market. Their genetics produce top shelf flower unlike any other in the industry and therefore demand a premium price. The majority of our acreage this season has been planted with Kush Hemp E1, and it already looks amazing. I’m very excited to harvest their genetics and continue our excellent working relationship with Sovereign Fields.

Les B.

Founder, Hemp Worldwide Farms

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