OG Kush Hemp

Our two most popular strains, crossed at last

Two heavyweights, together.
Designer terpene profile displays the classic OG x Bubba Kush expression. Gassy overtone stinking of petrol and amber followed by citrus notes and earthy undertones.

Distinguished Traits

Medium, stocky with vigorous growth during developmental stages. Slightly taller than Kush Hemp E1.

Hybrid rigid fan leaves with strong lateral growth creates a strong and robust structure.

Optimal for arid desert and mountainous regions and resistant to high winds.

Climatically versatile with strong drought resistance.

Highly resistant to pathogens
and disease.

Gassy overtone stinking of petrol and amber followed by citrus notes and earthy undertones.

Germination Rate






Results are dependent on a variety of growing conditions, especially the harvest date. It is suggested that as harvest approaches, you have samples analyzed to determine the optimal harvest window and to ensure compliance. See our COAs for more in-depth harvest results.


  • Germination dates typically range from the end of March in southern desert regions to middle of May in northern regions.
  • Plant spacing ranges from 2ft-5ft to center depending on planting dates and plant count per acre.
  • Medium feeding regimens due to modest metabolic demands.
  • Very dense bud sites provide substance to the bottom of the plant requiring very low maintenance.
  • Plants transition into the flowering cycle in the end of July in southern regions and mid-August in far northern locations.
  • Plants stretch an anticipated 30-35% during the flowering period.
  • Harvest around early-October.

Looking for more OG Kush specifications?

Please check out our 2020 catalog for more information on this strain. In our catalog you’ll also find additional information regarding seeds, starts, clones and our current pricing. Or hop on over to our COA page to see recent laboratory results.

Did you know?

Benefiting from nearly a decade of research and development, our strains are taken to F4 before feminizing. We produce seeds year-around at our production facilities throughout Oregon, California and Nevada. Indoor production means no rogue pollen contamination and reliable seed with 97%+ germination rates.

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Ready to Order?

When you purchase our seeds, starts or clones, you can be confident you'll have thoroughly researched, rigoriously tested, cutting-edge hemp genetics. Don't be fooled by unreliable seed resellers or subpar Chinese-grown seed. Sovereign Fields is based in Oregon, and our products are 100% grown in the USA.

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